Outings Schedule · Summer 2018 · JULY · AUGUST · SEPTEMBER

Sunday, 7/1 McKeag’s Meadow Look (Loop) C 3.8 B-Mario Medici 201-396-9391marioamedici@gmail.com (pref.)10:00 AM at Sterling Forest Visitor Center. This hike is intended for individuals who have limited hiking experience and/or want an easy hike. Terrain is relatively level with some moderate inclines. Be sure to wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes and bring a lunch […]

Outings Schedule · Fall 2018 · OCTOBER · NOVEMBER · DECEMBER

2018 Hunting Season In Sterling Forest* Early Bow Hunting: Oct. 1 – 16* Small game hunting with firearms will begin October 1 only in the hunting area north of 17A and east of the Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary.* Firearms Nov. 17- Dec. 9.* Late Bow Hunting Dec. 10 – Dec. 18.Hikers: Stay on trails. Wear […]

Outings Schedule · Winter 2019 · JANUARY · FEBRUARY · MARCH

Tuesday, 1/1 Happy Harriman New Year B 6/7 BChris Connolly 201-321-6605 c.connolly7@verizon.net(pref.)10:00 AM at Reeves Meadow Parking Area Start 2019 on the right (and left) foot. Precipitation cancels. TC Southern Harriman-Bear Mt. map 118. Thursday, 1/3 Elk Pen Circular B 6.5 BRoy Wooters (c) 845-304-0867 rfwoot@gmail.com10:00 AM at the Elk Pen parking Hike to Green […]

Outings Schedule · Spring 2019 · APRIL · MAY · JUNE

Thursday, 4/4 In The Woods B 6/8 BPaul Margiotta 201-693-6705 pjmm11@verizon.net (pref.)Active Thursday hikers will receive a group email from leader by Tuesday for location, time and other details of the hike. Others can contact the leader by 6 PM on Wednesday. Saturday, 4/6 Manor Trail From Ringwood Manor C 3 B-Karen Rose (c) 551-804-0358 […]

Outings Schedule · Summer 2019 · JULY · AUGUST · SEPTEMBER

Pre-registration is required. All changes and additions to the schedule will be posted at www.adknjr.org/changes.   5 Thursday, 7/4  –  Boston Mine Stahahe – High PeakB 6.5 B+  Roland Autran   (h) 201-886-9119 autran@msn.com (pref.)  (c) 201-699-3388 9:30 AM sharp at the parking lot on Route 106. You can find it on your GPS at “1369 Kanawauke Road, Southfields, […]

Outings Schedule · Fall 2019 · OCTOBER · NOVEMBER · DECEMBER

Thursday, 10/3    Lunch on Anthony’s Nose      B 6.5 A Carol Ann Benton                                     914-960-3317 aquarius2950@hotmail.com 9:30 AM at the historic Bear Mountain Toll House on Rt. 6/202 north of Camp Smith and south of Bear Mt. Bridge on the Westchester Side.  Hike the blue blazed Camp Smith Trail (the most rugged trail in Westchester County), with panoramic views of the Hudson River.  Hike to […]

Outings Schedule · Winter 2020 · JANUARY · FEBRUARY · MARCH

Pre-registration is required. All changes and additions to the schedule will be posted at www.adknjr.org/changes.   Hikers, please note: Hikes do not “meet” at the specified time — they leave at that time.   Some leaders have included cumulative elevation gain in their descriptions. This appears as “CEG xxx ft”   Wednesday, 1/1          Happy Harriman New Year              B 7 B 9:30 AM                                                                                  CEG 800 ft Chris Connolly                                                               201-321-6605 […]

Outings Schedule · Summer 2020 · JULY · AUGUST · SEPTEMBER

Thursday, 7/16    Lake Nawahunta & Stockbridge Mt   B 6 B 9:00 AM                                                             CEG 800 ft Paul Margiotta                                               201-693-6705 pjmm11@verizon.net (pref.)                      (cell – day of hike) Meet at the southerly end of Silver Mine Lake parking off Seven Lakes Drive.  The hike will be on the Menomine Trail, Long Path and Nawahunta Fire Road, with lunch at Lake Nawahunta.  TC Northern Harriman Trails map 119.                                                                                       Saturday, 7/18 Catfish Loop/Chimney Top,              B 6.5 B […]

Outings Schedule · Fall 2020 · OCTOBER · NOVEMBER · DECEMBER

Thursday, 10/1   Torrey Memorial & Turkey Hill Lake B 6 B 9:00 AM                                                         CEG 1600 ft Paul Margiotta                                       (c) 201-693-6705 pjmm1177@gmail.com                                  (day of hike) Meet at the parking area off Route 6 where the Long Path crosses.  The hike will consist of a loop to the vista at Torrey Memorial, followed by another loop for lunch at Turkey Hill Lake.  TC Harriman North […]