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ADK NJR Summer 2023 Membership Zoom Meeting

     August 16th, 2023, Wednesday, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

    Highlights of Central Park 

    Presented by Mario Medici

See Central Park through the lens of a camera along with commentary describing each photo. Since the mid-nineteenth century, Central Park with its 843 acres has been referred to as “The Jewel of New York City” and has many wonderful sights and experiences. Each year, 40 million people visit Central Park and are treated to several wonderful sights. Whether it’s the 80 sculptures that dot the landscape, the 33 bridges and arches (some dating back to 1863), or the acres of waterbodies, lawns, and woodlands, you will be treated to a wonderful viewing and informational experience. This lecture will cover some of the park’s history and many of its sights and attractions.

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