Hike Ratings and Meeting Locations

Hike Ratings and Meeting Locations

Each hike is individually rated by the hike leader with four criteria to determine the level of the hike.

The ratings represent Pace, Distance, and Terrain covered in the hike. In addition, many hike leaders also provide Cumulative Elevation Gain (CEG).


A. Fast, 2-5 MPH or faster
B. Moderate- about 2 MPH
C. Easy- 1.5 MPH or easier


Given in miles, as noted


A. Strenuous, long ups and downs, possibly some rock scrambles
B. Moderate ups and downs, typical in Harriman Park
C. Generally flat, with little elevation change

Cumulative Elevation Gain represents the estimate of the sum of all the uphill portions of the hike, in feet.

Meeting Locations; most meeting locations for hikes can be found on the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference maps. If you’re unsure about the meeting location, contact the hike leader directly.


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